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wizhez specialised Greeting Cards

Everything man-made we see and use nowadays has got a creator. This creator held an idea which turned into a concept. From that concept came the vision. Then the vision became reality, but with reality follows several questions such as 'What will it look like?', 'is it needed or wanted?'' or 'how will it be applied by the end user?' these all need responses. With every new product made, it can then be adjusted by somebody else who has another vision and so the cycle of production continues and grows.

A man named Cleven Goudeau A.K.A (also known as) "Goodie" bore such a vision, which was way back in 1963. Mr Cleven Goudeau's vision has granted many including myself to participate in the journey he began so long ago. A journey of acknowledging that black art and culture exists and should be seen. Goodie is rightfully the Pioneer and Innovator of Black Contemporary greeting cards. It had to start somewhere and it began with this man. Black greetings cards businesses nowadays whether they are an internet site or a market store in your local town didn't exist.

Come to think of it when Goodie's artistry talent was 1st printed in a newspaper in 1951, the internet, which we have come to depend on today didn't yet exist since the World Wide Web was born in 1969. Nothing on these lines existed when Goodie took those bold 1st steps and developed his 1st black card in 1963. Other people didn't even realise these steps needed to be taken. But that is the beautiful thing about ideas, it only takes one individual to envision something special and to follow up on it. Then that idea contributes great changes to society and then society adjusts to let in those great ideas.

It's taken numerous years for this man "Goodie" to be acknowledged and granted such a title of "Pioneer of Black Greeting Cards".
He has opened many doors for ethnic greeting card designers like me, yet many black people still don't know this courageous man exists and the achievements he reached. I truly believe without his vision in 1963, we would not see black cultured greeting cards today.

You have to also remember that when Goodie's vision happened segregation was still about. A time when black people where looked down upon, not worthy of sharing the same schools with our white counter parts. With all this happening, what Goodie did was a heroic accomplishment up there with Rosa Parks, riding at the front of the bus accomplishment.

Its people like Goodie that inspires me and makes me really love my black culture. A culture, greeting cards uk, that's overpowered numerous obstacles and is still breaking down barriers today.
The turning point for Goodie was when his mother was sick and had to go to hospital. Wanting to give her an exceptional card he designed his own Get Well card. The doctors and nurses enjoyed it so much that this single black greeting card found its way around the entire hospital.

With such an outstanding response his first line of "Goodie Cards" was born. Which I find ironic for that was the reason I began my line of greetings cards uk, but I designed my black card for mother's day. His cards sold at local speciality stores in 1966. He attempted to get help with a business loan of $50,000 but was refused.

Goodie was entering an industry with a brand new product which had no rules, no standard, and no nothing. An outstanding product for over 20 million black people to enjoy but the white establishments in the industry didn't understand. The greeting card industry then was worth $800 million annually and had only four major participants. Yet weren't creating black greeting cards. In 1968 Goodie became the co-founder and executive creative director of Onyx Enterprises Inc. This was the only greeting card company that created black greeting card and white greeting cards side by side nationally.

Sadly Goodie departed the greeting card business in1973 due to unsatisfying sales and complications with marketing. His product had its own merits and required nothing more than equal acceptance by the companies already in the greeting card industry. For he was in a time when black people had to prove themselves. This great vision wasn't embraced like it ought to have been all because they didn't want to understand what black people needed and wanted.
Thanks to the most high and his blessed gift his range of Goodie Cards allowed him to put three kids through college, however Hallmark and other greeting card companies will happily support the statement that 'there was no market for black greetings card and completely deny the black market.

Yet their statement just doesn't add up, why because black people have always existed and we have the same demands as any other culture. So if white people have a way to share happy celebrated moments by sending greeting cards, why would not their black counter parts want the same.

Nowadays Goodie works with students introducing them to the world of cartooning through classes at Micheal's in Vallejo, while also teaching classes at the Vallejo Arts Foundation. This great man ought be part of black history and be commemorated for what he's done, for so many of us striving to succeed in the greeting card industry with our own range of black greeting cards. He's accomplished a lot and collapsed so many barriers for us, yet this great man is so humble, he is truly blessed.

His words, is the only way to finish this epic story:
"I create things that can't be denied".
Happy Learning.

Post by lowrycolon41 (2017-02-10 10:40)

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wizhez specialised Greeting Cards

It is well known that people buy Personalised greetings cards for any occasions that can be and personalised to include handmade augmented reality cards, photos, or even pictures of your own choice. These can be incorporated both inside and outside the greeting cards collection.

When you buy greeting cards from, the prices starting less than £5 per card you and you also get a beautiful presentation message inside every single card that you buy. Cards come in packs of 1-5 and can include several designs and messages so you can plan ahead for the whole year if you like.

The different personalisation an card type you buy will determine the cost of each handmade greeting cards , and you can buy handmade specialist cards and use them to create other create birthday cards, anniversary cards, congratulations cards, and lots of other types of designer handmade greeting cards. Because you can customise the greeting yourself, you can even use them to announce major events like moving house or the birth of a child for example.

Choosing a picture, caption or greeting for your card means that you can really customise every card you buy. You could purchase a pack of 40 greetings cards, using ten different pictures, but each offering the same Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday greeting. Get your diary out and plan for the year ahead so that you can enjoy the benefits of buying bigger pack sizes and making the most of the different designs you create.

You can use any personal picture. Use a family shot, a snap from your latest holiday, or even a video. The choice is endless, unlimited and completely up to you. Make sure that when you are adding a personalisation to your card that it is completely up to you what design you want and you will need to pick the right picture or theme for the particular event.

You have the choice of selecting the greeting that is included inside of the card and also on the outside of the card. Because you can customise augmented reality greetings cards as well as use your own pictures it really is possible to use designer handmade cards for absolutely any purpose.

Every one of our designer greetings cards includes a beautiful presentation tin with one of your card designs on the top. The tin might initially be used to transport and store your photo greetings cards but it looks so good that once you've sent them all you'll still want to keep hold of the tin and use it as a keepsake box or to store the cards you received.

Designer greetings cards are a very flexible and great looking way to help celebrate major events, celebrations, and occasion, whether they may be augmented reality greeting cards or other. Rest assured that your card from will certainly be noticed and will take pride of place on the fireplace or wherever the recipient chooses to display it.

Post by lowrycolon41 (2016-10-17 18:32)

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wizhez specialised Greeting Cards

Have you ever tried going to your local office supply store to look for the ideal designer greeting cards only to find out that nothing comes close to how you want your card to look like?
The pictures aren’t right and the message does not fit your intent. You are then compelled to just pick the nearest design that comes close to your desire.
You don’t really have to do that. If nothing fits your need, don’t settle for anything close to what you exactly what. There is another way to get the buy greeting cards printing you need. How? By doing it yourself. Why don’t you get creative and design your own greeting card.
Put together designs that will help you communicate your message effectively to your target customers. Who knows, you might even enjoy the task, especially with augmented reality greeting cards.
So, how do you go about designing your own personalised greeting cards?
First, you need to identify your target market. To whom will you be sending your card? Is it to new customers or to existing ones? Knowing who the recipients are will help you come up with the perfect design and message to incorporate in your card.
Second, you need to identify the purpose. Why are sending your cards? Is it to keep in touch, send a holiday greeting, or perhaps greet your customer on a special occasion in their life? The purpose will help you create the right design. If it is the holidays, you might want to create a festive and happy design.
Third, pick the right colours. Colours play an important role in communicating your message. Each colour conveys a meaning. For instance, red signifies passion, excitement, and dignity while white represents purity, cleanliness, and creativity. Be sure to pick the colour that best conveys the message you want to communicate to people.
Fourth, go for the right image. A simple picture can mean different things. If you want to give people the right idea or message, you need to pick the best one that conveys it. Don’t just pick a message you think is classy or catchy. You need to make sure the image is appropriate to your business.
Fifth, aim for . The more unique your cards are the more people will be drawn to it. Come up with creative greeting card templates that will make sure people will pick your card first. Although there are free downloadable templates today, they won’t give you a unique look.
If you can find a template that allows for customisation, that would be better; otherwise, create your own design. You can also use the templates to get ideas and inspirations. That would make the design process much easier.
Finally, simple is beautiful. You don’t really have to create elaborate designs for your cards. Simple designs will do as long as it is able to communicate your message well.
Use your imagination and creativity to come up with the perfect handmade greeting cards. This should not be a tough task to do. A professional graphic designer can help with the design if you don’t know how to create your own design. Just be sure to hire the right designer at so you are assured that your cards are in good hands.
Have fun with your greeting cards. There lots of inspirations out there that will help you with your cards. This is the time to show your artistic side. Who knows? You can even come up with several designs for your artistic greeting cards.

Post by lowrycolon41 (2016-08-06 18:09)

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wizhez specialised Greeting Cards

The greeting cards you design on your own can be as attractive and meaningful as store-brought cards, if these simple design principles are applied.
1. Use right software - If you have already bought the software, then you can make use of it. But if you are unfamiliar with these things, Greeting Card Studio is a good software choice that is available with many customizable greeting card templates and clip arts.
2. Select the format - Before starting with design of the card, think about what sort of card you want to create: serious, funny, side fold, top fold or over-sized etc. For this, you should have a clear vision to determine for what occasion and for whom are making the card.
3. Open a document to create greeting card - If you want to create your greeting from scratch, start from a blank template. Otherwise, choose the template from the template library available within the software.
4. Select graphics - If you want a simple design for the card, insert only one image or few simple images. There are clip arts given in the card maker software that are more cartoonish and less realistic. Some styles provide modern designs, while some are fun or serious. The colors and borders and each detail contribute to the appearance of the greeting card.
5. Edit the images - Although you can insert the images without editing, but sometimes simple changes to color or size make the look of the image even better in the selected card layout.
6. Choose desired font color - When you make greeting card, using fewer fonts become unprofessional and more fonts become distracting. Choose the color that contrasts with the paper color or color that appears in the chosen clip art, and tie these two colors together.
7. Arrange graphics and text - No matter you are making a simple card or more complicated design, it is better if you use grid to arrange the objects. Balance the empty / white places on the card with the help of grid… never try to fill every inch of the page with text or graphics.
8. Give a consistent appearance - Try to give a consistent appearance and feel to the front & inside of the card. Use complimentary or same fonts and graphics.
9. Insert a credit contour - Now, when you have created a master piece, this is the time to insert a credit contour. For instance - If your card is meant for a customer, include your company name, phone number etc.
10. Print the card - Click on ‘print’ button to print the card. You can print as many copies of the card as needed.

Post by lowrycolon41 (2016-07-29 10:14)

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